Humanitäre Unterstützung für Menschen in Armut und Not

The Founders: Who we are

Preamble of the foundation charter:

Edith Neumann, born on 27.11.1955 in Feldbach / Austria, non-medical practitioner with own practice. Education of own three children, working for many years in childcare. Seminars for personal development and coaching, volunteer activities, etc. at one world. Already working in social projects in the past.

Karlheinz Neumann, born on 27.10.1952 in Kochel am See, more than 30 years Senior Manager in a global company, retired since October 2015. Politically engaged for many years and involved in various social projects with friends and acquaintances over many years.
GIVE CHILDREN A FUTURE is the vision for the years ahead.

Preamble of our statute:

We established this foundation of gratitude, because we have achieved much in our happy secure life, but we feel a social responsibility with respect to our fellow human beings. With this foundation we want to contribute and give support to poor and distressed people, those who are not able to live above poverty line. It is our desire that future generations continue the work in this spirit. 

Motivation: The preamble already emphasizes the enthusiasm of the commitment for needy people. It will be an advanced experience and challenge, to enroll as many as possible supporters to help other people. To be in close contact with those needy people, to understand their misery, their plight and to give them again some hope. This was the main reason to establish an operational foundation.