Humanitäre Unterstützung für Menschen in Armut und Not

Board Members

According to the statute both founders are  members of the board. Details see "The Founders".

Additional members of the Board are:

Herbert Kanschat

With effect of August 1, 2015 Herbert Kanschat, Baldham, Wiesenweg 9 was appointed as member of the board.

Herbert Kanschat was born on 11-March-1958 in Munich. I have been for more than 30 years an employee of a global DAX company based in Munich. And for the last 10 years I have had an executive position. I am a passionate theatre actor and have followed this passion for more than 35 years. I have helped manage my local theatre club for 10 years as board member, actor and director the theatre association in Baldham. Beside my family, I am a passionate skier and a big fan of FC Bayern. I managed and promoted a ski youth team for TSV Vaterstetten.

My motivation to join the HUMAN-Foundation?

Very easy: We were very lucky and were born into a prosperous society. We are the architects of our own fortune, but many people are not able to do that. I want to contribute something to those people (in particular children), to support them and to utilize my connections. The HUMAN-Foundation seems to be the right place for me to do that.

Mario Neumann

With effect of September 1st, 2015 – Mario Neumann, Munich, Ottobrunner Strasse 51 was appointed as member of the board.

My name is Mario Neumann and I was born on 22-July-1981 as the second of three children. I work for many years as a self-employed Event Technician.

Why am I committed to the HUMAN-Foundation?

I have been socially engaged since my childhood, by joining social associations, e.g., Boy Scouts and a leader in our youth center in Kirchheim. This helped me identify and strengthen a preference to work with children. I have also partaken in internships with a kindergarden and in a hospital during my time at a technical high school, which defined my way of dealing with the young, elderly and disadvantaged people. I chose for my alternative service to work with the Bavarian Red Cross, as a carer of old people. Since 2014, I have been a mentor of a young boy in the Dominican Republic.