Humanitäre Unterstützung für Menschen in Armut und Not

Goal according to statute

In order to carry out our international projects, we enhanced our statute in November 2015 by adding a passage regarding fundraising (bullet points 2, 4 and 5 of the foundation’s goals). We still want to implement our own projects, in cooperation with local partners. §2 of our by-law document now reads as follows:

§2 Foundation Goal (excerpt of the by-law document)

1.  The foundation exclusively and instantaneously pursues non-profit and charitable purposes in terms of the chapter for “tax-deductible purposes” based on the General Fiscal Law.

2.  Purpose of the foundation is to provide support for the public health sector and public health care, youth welfare and work with the elderly, education, cooperation in development, nature conservation and charitable aims through another non-profit organization or a statutory body. Through that the foundation can directly realize their aims.

3.  These aims must not be realized in the same degree.

4.  The foundation is focusing their activities on support for poor and distressed people, in particular children. This can e.g. happen through:

a.   Facilitation of education schemes;

b.  Support of work with traumatized people;

c.  Facilitation of the establishment and protection of livelihood, e.g. clean water, sustainable power supply for personal need;

d.  Facilitation of nature and environmental protection with direct impact on improvement of the personal needs of people;

e.  Support for measures in human right protection.

In the public health sector and public health care, we primarily want to support alternative health practices. 

This list may not be complete. Instead, other appropriate measures can be taken which help to support poor and distressed people.

5.  The foundation achieves their aims by acquiring funds for the realization of tax-deductible purposes of another non-profit organization or a statutory body. In addition to that, the foundation can directly realize its own aims.