Humanitäre Unterstützung für Menschen in Armut und Not


How to make a donation

We are a very approachable charity and our activities are based on personal involvement of our supporters and donors, our funding entirely stems from private assets. Our operations costs are entirely borne by the active members of the foundation (in particular the founders) so that the projects benefit from the full amount of donations to the charity. 

We depend on ongoing donations in order to run our long-term projects on a sustainable basis. 

For donors outside of EU, donations can only be handled tax-privileged for citizens from US and UK during the Global Giving Platform. We are participating in a Accelerator campaign from September 9 to Septemer 26, 2020. If you want to make a donation please use the following LINK:

In case you want to make a donation from outside EU, US aund UK please get in touch with the founders via Email